Strategic Planning

Hoshin Planning 2021

Each year, the leaders at RISE come together to create the Hoshin Planning Matrix to track goals and progress made on those goals. The bottom of this matrix has our three strategic priorities. On the left side of this matrix, you can see our Annual Goals for the 2021 year. Each trimester, the team meets to create new goals to ensure progress is being made. The top rows display our current goals for the second trimester of the year and which Annual Goals they align with, along with the leaders taking charge of completing the goal. This system allows us to easily track progress throughout the agency and meet frequently to discuss current goals.

2021 SWOT Analysis

At the end of each year, RISE leaders come together to review the year and develop a SWOT analysis on the agency. The following SWOT analysis was created by our leadership team this past year.


– Communication (Dept. to Dept. and Tools we use)
– Level of Care
– Flexibility with staff/Teamwork/Supportive
– Continuous Improvement Mindset/Handling of COVID
– Public Relations


– Follow through on ideas
– Turnover/Burnout
– Succession planning (Cross-training)
– Overtasked leadership/Delegating
– Budget Limitations


– Community and Schools partnerships
– Training for staff
– Autism Program Growth
– Additional Funding Streams


– Min. Wage increase
– Staffing Pool
– Local, State, and Federal Funding and Regulations
– Family Support